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Changing lives one bike at a time.

Changing lives one bike at a time.

Changing lives one bike at a time.Changing lives one bike at a time.Changing lives one bike at a time.


Formed in November 2008, as an impromptu holiday bike-a-thon, Bike Lady, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, charitable organization based in Columbus, Ohio with a mission: 

To enrich the daily life experience and expand opportunities of Ohio at-risk youth by providing new bikes, helmets, and locks to children who have a history of abuse, neglect, and abandonment, and are served by county child protective services (foster care placement). And, to provide Ohio inmate offenders a chance to give back through volunteer bike assembly and community service. 

Since 2008, Team Bike Lady has provided 11,000 bikes to Ohio kids in foster care. We have served children across all 88 Ohio counties. Each child received a shiny, brand new bike - plus helmet and lock - typically during the holiday season.

  • Year 2008 - 125 kids on bikes in 1 county
  • Year 2009 - 212 kids on bikes in 1 county
  • Year 2010 - 524 kids on bikes in 1 county
  • Year 2011 - 351 kids on bikes in 1 county
  • Year 2012 - 1,146 kids on bikes in 8 counties
  • Year 2013 - 1,141 kids on bikes in 16 counties
  • Year 2014 - 1,323 kids on bikes in 20 counties
  • Year 2015 - 1,655 kids on bikes in 32 counties
  • Year 2016 - 1,700 kids on bikes in 44 counties
  • Year 2017 - 1,927 kids on bikes in 48 counties

In January 2018, we still had 36 counties in Ohio that had never been served with #bikelove. We chose to focus on the forgotten kids in forgotten counties, partnering with juvenile offenders as our assembly crew. These teens were convicted as adults and are serving time in an adult prison. While our annual numbers were less, the result of teens helping teens has impact beyond measure. 

  • Year 2018 - 273 kids on bikes in 17 counties
  • Year 2019 - 574 kids on bikes in 28 counties

Now ALL 88 OHIO counties have been enveloped with a blanket of bike love at least once - and most counties multiple times, year after year. Way to roll, Team Bike Lady!

  • Year 2020 GOAL - 2,020 kids on bikes! 

We will achieve this goal if you help. Join #teambikelady today and share your #bikelove.  DONATE TODAY. Never think a donation is too small. Every dollar matters. A buck is a buck is a buck, and they all add up to BIKES! Together, let's foster hope and give joy and freedom to the most vulnerable among us - our community's children in foster care.  


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