Year 2020 Team Bike Lady

On Team Bike Lady, we are so thankful for generosity of everyone who supports our mission. Your gifts go a long way toward immediately improving the daily living experience of so many Ohio kids. You've given opportunity, freedom, joy, and hope. And no matter what, the kids we serve will always remember their first new bike! 


2Shea Creative

Battelle Always Giving

Blue Jackets Foundation

Franklin Imaging

Hamlin & Burton (Florida)

Honey Baked Ham

Kroger Community Rewards

Massucci Law Group

Nationwide Children's Hospital Center for Injury Research & Policy 

Oma's Place

PayPal Giving Fund

Souper Heroes

2020 Team Bike Lady - INDIVIDUALS

Lauren Allison

Lisa Antolino

Bill Beighley

Joe & Mimi Beighley - for Valentine's Day

Nancy & Stephen Blake

Rita Bourland

Jean Bowden

Terry Bradley #TeamBillGordon

Bruce & Melody Cadwallader

William Cannon Jr.

Emily Castle

Debra Corbell

Jennifer Daberko

Nick Dean

Julie Delong

Christine Dobrovich

Carie Marsh Ehrenborg

Rex Elsass

Pia Farrell

Sara Giuliani

Alvin Hamlin - in honor of Christine Koch Kehoe (Florida)

Sara & Rob Hammond - for Valentine's Day

Michelle & Greg Hendricks - for Valentine's Day

Michael Horning

Mitch Hurd

Kelly Kasser

Tricia Keels

Christine Koch Kehoe - by Alvin Hamlin (Illinois)

Megan Kelly

Paul Kilroy

Sally Knasel

Kate Koch

Katherine Koch (Colorado)

Kristin Koch (North Carolina)

Robert & Kathy Koch (Virginia)

Molly Kurtz

John Lane

Karl Lasecki

Ron Lemerich

Cathy Levy - for her Valentine, Dave Levy

David Lippert

Kim Rine Little

LeeAnn Massucci

Angela Maxwell (Arizona)

Margaret McIntyre

Linda McKnight

Thomas Mimlitch

Karen Mittendorf

Jeni Mokren (New York)

Mark Nelson (South Carolina)

Margo & Scott Noreen

Lydia Strauss O'Kane

Patricia Orzano (New York)

Anne Peck

Miguel Perez (New York)

Jeff Pierron

Hudi Podolsky (California)

Katherine Quinn

Steve Rauch

Holly Reed (California)

Rebecca Ricciardo

Graham Roberts

Pam Schlichenmayer

Jeff & Sharon Shadburn

Jessie Shea

Greg Smith

Susan Srikonda

Judy & Terry Stich

Marion Thompson

Monika Tocknell - in memory of her husband, John Tocknell

Paul Tocknell - in memory of his father, John Tocknell

Elaine Vukadinovich

Kimberly Welty

Meg Wernet

Charles Wilson

MaryBeth Wozniak

Shadya Yazback

Special Thanks to our #RIDEOUT Volunteers

The teens on Ward D of Correctional Reception Center
Andys Burns and the #whitewhale
Tim Conrad, PhD
Ryan Cull
Jamie Ellen #jamminjamie
Marisa Ray-Gooden
Judge James Green
Sara Hammond #supersara

Michelle Hendricks

Tim Huey
Kate Koch

Patricia Kovacs
Marie Rotolo
Lydia Strauss
Paul Tocknell 

Unless otherwise noted, members of Team Bike Lady are from Ohio - from ALL over Ohio - but mostly the Columbus metro area. Our community is amazingly generous and dedicated to helping Ohio's most vulnerable children. We are always especially grateful to those supporters who live in other states and countries. You have an extra special kind of holiday spirit that travels coast to coast, and across the seas, helping our Buckeye kids. Thank you. 


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